The Best Asian Short Stories 2019  English, Paperback, Series Editor Zafar Anjum, Editor Hisham Bustani

The Best Asian Short Stories 2019 (English, Paperback, Series Editor Zafar Anjum, Editor Hisham Bustani)

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War, loss, love, compassion, nightmares, dreams, hopes and catastrophes; this is literary Asia at its best. From a wide range of geographies spanning from Palestine to Japan, from Kazakhstan to the Malaysia, mobilizing a wide array of innovative narrative styles and writing techniques, the short stories of this anthology, carefully curated by one of Asia’s prominent and daring writers, will take you on a power trip of deep exploration of local (yet global) pains and hopes, a celebration (and contemplation) of humanity and its impact, as explored by 24 writers and 6 translators, many of whom identify with many homes, giving Asia what it truly represents across (and beyond) its vast territory, expansive history, and many traditions and languages. This book is an open celebration of multi-faceted creativity and plurality. The Best Asian Short Stories 2019 includes JOEL DONATO JACOB (Philippines) LANA ABDEL RAHMAN (Lebanon) RAZIA SULTANA KHAN (Bangladesh) DEENA DAJANI (Palestine) ALAN IRID FENDI (Syria) SAMIDHA KALIA (India) SCOTT PLATT-SALCEDO (Philippines) ANITHA DEVI PILLAI (Singapore) ANGELO WONG (Hong Kong) ODAI AL ZOUBI (Syria) SIMON ROWE (New Zealand / Japan) SEEMA PUNWANI (Singapore) VRINDA BALIGA (India) NAMRATA PODDAR (India / USA) T.A. MORTON (Irealand / Hong Kong) HAMID ISMAILOV (Uzbekistan) SUCHI GOVINDARAJAN (India) YD CHANG (China / Malaysia) JOLIN KWOK (Malaysia) IMRAN KHAN (Bangladesh) YAN TI (Taiwan) ZIRA NAURZBAYEVA (Kazakhstan) KAISA AQUINO (Philippines) JOSE VARGHESE (India) About the Editors Hisham Bustani, TBASS 2019’s editor is an award-winning Jordanian author of five collections of short fiction and poetry. He is acclaimed for his bold style and unique narrative voice, and often experiments with the boundaries of short fiction and prose poetry. Much of his work revolves around issues related to social and political change, particularly the dystopian experience of post-colonial modernity in the Arab world. His work has been described as “bringing a new wave of surrealism to [Arabic] literary culture, which missed the surrealist revolution of the last century,” and it has been said that he “belongs to an angry new Arab generation. Indeed, he is at the forefront of this generation – combining an unbounded modernist literary sensibility with a vision for total change…. His anger extends to encompass everything, including literary conventions.” Hisham’s fiction and poetry have been translated into many languages, with English-language translations appearing in prestigious journals across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, including The Kenyon Review, The Poetry Review, Modern Poetry in Translation, World Literature Today, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. In 2013, the U.K.-based cultural webzine The Culture Trip listed him as one of Jordan’s top six contemporary writers. His book The Perception of Meaning (Syracuse University Press, 2015) won the University of Arkansas Arabic Translation Award. Hisham is the Arabic Fiction Editor of the Amherst College-based literary review The Common, and the recipient of the Rockefeller Foundation’s prestigious Bellagio Residency for Artists and Writers for 2017. Zafar Anjum is a Singapore-based journalist, writer and entrepreneur. For eight years, he was the online editor of Computerworld Singapore, Computerworld Malaysia, CIO Asia and MIS Asia. He is the author of six fiction and non-fiction titles, including the best-selling The Resurgence of Satyam (Random House India, 2012), Iqbal: The Life of a Poet, Philosopher and Politician (Random House India, 2014) and Startup Capitals: Discovering the Global Hotspots of Innovation (Random House India, 2014). He is the director of